GTLSCA.crt: CN=政府伺服器數位憑證管理中心 - G1,O=行政院,C=TW

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CA Certificate Basic Information

This certificate is intermediate certificate used for the issuance of other certificates.

  • Certificate download URL: (PEM format)
  • Serial number: 203939789055560066590733164950084792981
  • SHA-1 Fingerprint: b2d151a768d30c3b99d86b8b25815608c28ab2cb
  • SHA-1 Fingerprint: b2:d1:51:a7:68:d3:0c:3b:99:d8:6b:8b:25:81:56:08:c2:8a:b2:cb
  • SHA-256 Fingerprint: 9d1cda1b9ef395afce7de0fe74de6d9ff5e0d2a43789116c00c6ba5bf44b9823
  • SHA-256 Fingerprint: 9d:1c:da:1b:9e:f3:95:af:ce:7d:e0:fe:74:de:6d:9f:f5:e0:d2:a4:37:89:11:6c:00:c6:ba:5b:f4:4b:98:23
  • Signature hash algorithm: sha256
  • Subject: CN=政府伺服器數位憑證管理中心 - G1,O=行政院,C=TW
  • Not valid before: 2019-07-19 06:46:45
  • Not valid after: 2031-08-19 06:46:45
  • Issuer:

Download certificate through curl:

curl -sSL --output cert.crt

Download certificate through wget:

wget -q --output-document=cert.crt

CA Certificate Detail Information

Use openssl x509 to decode certificate to get detail information:

openssl x509 -in cert.crt -inform der -text -noout

Decoded detail certificate information:

CA Certificate in PEM Format

Use openssl x509 to convert certificate from DER format to PEM format:

openssl x509 -in cert.crt -inform der

Converted PEM format certificate:

Download PEM Certificate

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