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OpenTimestamps Attestations for Events

draft optional

This NIP defines an event with kind:1040 that can contain an OpenTimestamps proof for any other event:

  "kind": 1040
  "tags": [
    ["e", <event-id>, <relay-url>],
    ["alt", "opentimestamps attestation"]
  "content": <base64-encoded OTS file data>
  • The OpenTimestamps proof MUST prove the referenced e event id as its digest.
  • The content MUST be the full content of an .ots file containing at least one Bitcoin attestation. This file SHOULD contain a single Bitcoin attestation (as not more than one valid attestation is necessary and less bytes is better than more) and no reference to “pending” attestations since they are useless in this context.

Example OpenTimestamps proof verification flow

Using nak , jq and ots :

~> nak req -i e71c6ea722987debdb60f81f9ea4f604b5ac0664120dd64fb9d23abc4ec7c323 wss:// | jq -r .content | ots verify
> using an esplora server at
- sequence ending on block 810391 is valid
timestamp validated at block [810391]

Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 7aa751b 2023-11-18T08:22:42-03:00