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window.nostr capability for web browsers

draft optional

The window.nostr object may be made available by web browsers or extensions and websites or web-apps may make use of it after checking its availability.

That object must define the following methods:

async window.nostr.getPublicKey(): string // returns a public key as hex
async window.nostr.signEvent(event: { created_at: number, kind: number, tags: string[][], content: string }): Event // takes an event object, adds `id`, `pubkey` and `sig` and returns it

Aside from these two basic above, the following functions can also be implemented optionally:

async window.nostr.getRelays(): { [url: string]: {read: boolean, write: boolean} } // returns a basic map of relay urls to relay policies
async window.nostr.nip04.encrypt(pubkey, plaintext): string // returns ciphertext and iv as specified in nip-04 (deprecated)
async window.nostr.nip04.decrypt(pubkey, ciphertext): string // takes ciphertext and iv as specified in nip-04 (deprecated)
async window.nostr.nip44.encrypt(pubkey, plaintext): string // returns ciphertext as specified in nip-44
async window.nostr.nip44.decrypt(pubkey, ciphertext): string // takes ciphertext as specified in nip-44


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