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window.nostr capability for web browsers

draft optional

The window.nostr object may be made available by web browsers or extensions and websites or web-apps may make use of it after checking its availability.

That object must define the following methods:

async window.nostr.getPublicKey(): string // returns a public key as hex
async window.nostr.signEvent(event: { created_at: number, kind: number, tags: string[][], content: string }): Event // takes an event object, adds `id`, `pubkey` and `sig` and returns it

Aside from these two basic above, the following functions can also be implemented optionally:

async window.nostr.getRelays(): { [url: string]: {read: boolean, write: boolean} } // returns a basic map of relay urls to relay policies
async window.nostr.nip04.encrypt(pubkey, plaintext): string // returns ciphertext and iv as specified in nip-04 (deprecated)
async window.nostr.nip04.decrypt(pubkey, ciphertext): string // takes ciphertext and iv as specified in nip-04 (deprecated)
async window.nostr.nip44.encrypt(pubkey, plaintext): string // returns ciphertext as specified in nip-44
async window.nostr.nip44.decrypt(pubkey, ciphertext): string // takes ciphertext as specified in nip-44

Recommendation to Extension Authors

To make sure that the window.nostr is available to nostr clients on page load, the authors who create Chromium and Firefox extensions should load their scripts by specifying "run_at": "document_end" in the extension’s manifest.


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Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 8b75d7b 2024-07-15T09:50:25-07:00