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A repost is a kind 6 event that is used to signal to followers that a kind 1 text note is worth reading.

The content of a repost event is the stringified JSON of the reposted note. It MAY also be empty, but that is not recommended.

The repost event MUST include an e tag with the id of the note that is being reposted. That tag MUST include a relay URL as its third entry to indicate where it can be fetched.

The repost SHOULD include a p tag with the pubkey of the event being reposted.

Quote Reposts

Quote reposts are kind 1 events with an embedded q tag of the note being quote reposted. The q tag ensures quote reposts are not pulled and included as replies in threads. It also allows you to easily pull and count all of the quotes for a post.

Generic Reposts

Since kind 6 reposts are reserved for kind 1 contents, we use kind 16 as a “generic repost”, that can include any kind of event inside other than kind 1.

kind 16 reposts SHOULD contain a k tag with the stringified kind number of the reposted event as its value.

Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 996ef45 2024-02-22T11:38:39-08:00