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Extra metadata fields and tags

draft optional

This NIP defines extra optional fields added to events.

kind 0

These are extra fields not specified in NIP-01 that may be present in the stringified JSON of metadata events:

  • display_name: an alternative, bigger name with richer characters than name. name should always be set regardless of the presence of display_name in the metadata.
  • website: a web URL related in any way to the event author.
  • banner: an URL to a wide (~1024x768) picture to be optionally displayed in the background of a profile screen.
  • bot: a boolean to clarify that the content is entirely or partially the result of automation, such as with chatbots or newsfeeds.

Deprecated fields

These are fields that should be ignored or removed when found in the wild:

  • displayName: use display_name instead.
  • username: use name instead.

kind 3

These are extra fields not specified in NIP-02 that may be present in the stringified JSON of follow events:

Deprecated fields

  • {<relay-url>: {"read": <true|false>, "write": <true|false>}, ...}: an object of relays used by a user to read/write. NIP-65 should be used instead.


These tags may be present in multiple event kinds. Whenever a different meaning is not specified by some more specific NIP, they have the following meanings:

  • r: a web URL the event is referring to in some way
  • title: name of NIP-51 sets, NIP-52 calendar event, NIP-53 live event or NIP-99 listing

Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 326ad34 2024-06-13T21:02:35+09:00