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This NIP defined a new kind 2003 which is a Torrent.

kind 2003 is a simple torrent index where there is enough information to search for content and construct the magnet link. No torrent files exist on nostr.


  • x: V1 BitTorrent Info Hash, as seen in the magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:HASH
  • file: A file entry inside the torrent, including the full path ie. info/example.txt
  • tracker: (Optional) A tracker to use for this torrent

In order to make torrents searchable by general category, you SHOULD include a few tags like movie, tv, HD, UHD etc.

Tag prefixes

Tag prefixes are used to label the content with references, ie. ["i", "imdb:1234"]

A second level prefix should be included where the database supports multiple media types.

  • tmdb:movie:693134 maps to
  • ttvdb:movie:290272 maps to
  • mal:anime:9253 maps to
  • mal:manga:17517 maps to

In some cases the url mapping isnt direct, mapping the url in general is out of scope for this NIP, the section above is only a guide so that implementers have enough information to succsesfully map the url if they wish.

  "kind": 2003,
  "content": "<long-description-pre-formatted>",
  "tags": [
    ["title", "<torrent-title>"],
    ["x", "<bittorrent-info-hash>"],
    ["file", "<file-name>", "<file-size-in-bytes>"],
    ["file", "<file-name>", "<file-size-in-bytes>"],
    ["tracker", "udp://"],
    ["tracker", ""],
    ["i", "tcat:video,movie,4k"],
    ["i", "newznab:2045"],
    ["i", "imdb:tt15239678"],
    ["i", "tmdb:movie:693134"],
    ["i", "ttvdb:movie:290272"],
    ["t", "movie"],
    ["t", "4k"],

Torrent Comments

A torrent comment is a kind 2004 event which is used to reply to a torrent event.

This event works exactly like a kind 1 and should follow NIP-10 for tagging.



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