Nostr NIPS 84


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This NIP defines kind:9802, a “highlight” event, to signal content a user finds valuable.


The .content of these events is the highlighted portion of the text.

.content might be empty for highlights of non-text based media (e.g. NIP-94 audio/video).


Events SHOULD tag the source of the highlight, whether nostr-native or not. a or e tags should be used for nostr events and r tags for URLs.

When tagging a URL, clients generating these events SHOULD do a best effort of cleaning the URL from trackers or obvious non-useful information from the query string.


Clients MAY include one or more p tags, tagging the original authors of the material being highlighted; this is particularly useful when highlighting non-nostr content for which the client might be able to get a nostr pubkey somehow (e.g. prompting the user or reading a <meta name="nostr:nprofile1..." /> tag on the document). A role MAY be included as the last value of the tag.

  "tags": [
    ["p", "<pubkey-hex>", "<relay-url>", "author"],
    ["p", "<pubkey-hex>", "<relay-url>", "author"],
    ["p", "<pubkey-hex>", "<relay-url>", "editor"]


Clients MAY include a context tag, useful when the highlight is a subset of a paragraph and displaying the surrounding content might be beneficial to give context to the highlight.

Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 5dcfe85 2023-11-18T09:13:12-03:00