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Media Attachments

Media attachments (images, videos, and other files) may be added to events by including a URL in the event content, along with a matching imeta tag.

imeta (“inline metadata”) tags add information about media URLs in the event’s content. Each imeta tag SHOULD match a URL in the event content. Clients may replace imeta URLs with rich previews.

The imeta tag is variadic, and each entry is a space-delimited key/value pair. Each imeta tag MUST have a url, and at least one other field. imeta may include any field specified by NIP 94 . There SHOULD be only one imeta tag per URL.


  "content": "More image metadata tests don’t mind me",
  "kind": 1,
  "tags": [
      "m image/jpeg",
      "blurhash eVF$^OI:${M{o#*0-nNFxakD-?xVM}WEWB%iNKxvR-oetmo#R-aen$",
      "dim 3024x4032",
      "alt A scenic photo overlooking the coast of Costa Rica",
      "x <sha256 hash as specified in NIP 94>",

When uploading files during a new post, clients MAY include this metadata after the file is uploaded and included in the post.

When pasting URLs during post composition, the client MAY download the file and add this metadata before the post is sent.

The client MAY ignore imeta tags that do not match the URL in the event content.

Source: nostr-protocol/nips/ version: 84236ac 2024-02-23T22:48:42+09:00